Easy Auto Registration Services:

San Diego’s Auto Registration Experts Provide a Variety of DMV & Auto Registration Services

San Diego’s leading DMV auto registration provider, Easy Auto Registration, handles all vehicle registration services.  We handle DMV registration services for automobiles, commercial vehicles, dealerships, boats, etc. With a comprehensive understanding of the DMV registration services processes, our experts make the DMV process simple and painless. 

San Diego DMV & Registration Services Include:

  • Registration Renewal- Skip the long lines and don’t worry about missed registration deadlines that can lead to costly fees.  Allow our experts to handle all aspects pertaining to California registration renewal!
  • Transfer of Ownership- Protect yourself when transferring ownership. We handle the title transfers, seamlessly.
  • Out of State Vehicle Registration- San Diego’s vehicle registration process is more complex than many other states. Have peace of mind. Easy Auto Registration will flawlessly handle the process. Moving is stressful enough. Let us save you time and money. We will do the legwork so you can focus your time on other tasks.
  • Salvage Vehicle Registration-  salvage vehicle registraration refers to cars previously involved in an accident. For example, vehicles that suffered major damage as a result of environmental factors or vandalism; this also includes previously junked vehicles. To register a vehicle with a salvage title in California you must provide the DMV with several documents. Easy Auto Registration will gather and submit all the necessary paperwork to ensure that your salvage vehicle complies with California law.
  • Boat Registration & Renewal- Easy Auto Registration’s experts will handle all aspects regarding boat registration renewal, out-of-state boat registration & transfer of ownership allowing you to focus on what matters: exploring the beautiful, scenic Pacific ocean.
  • VIN Verification & Certification- California vehicle registration requires VIN verification to authenticate several items on a vehicle to ensure the vehicle adheres to Federal safety requirements & smog emissions standards. Easy Auto Registration handles VIN Verification for the Following:
  • Non-Resident Vehicle (Out of State     License Plates)
  • Salvaged Vehicle (Been in some sort of accident)
  • Odometer Correction (The mileage on the vehicle may have been reported wrong at some point)
  • VIN Correction (The VIN was found to be incorrect at some point after obtaining vehicle registration